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Jacqui James

GROWING UP WITH hearing Tim Smith on Triple M every morning as we got ready for school became a much loved ritual. Mum even entered me in Triple M’s “Local Hero” competition when I finished my VCE (or as we called it three years of hell thanks to Board Of Studies) and Tim Smith and Stubbsy gave me a weekend away in the city.

For the past twenty years Tim Smith has been to considered to be a comedic genius due to his down-to-earth typical Aussie larrikin humour and his view of the world. Tim’s involvement in breakfast radio shows has always secured the stations to be ranked highly.

Our family, friends and kind-hearted strangers got to see him live at The Comedy Gallery‘s night for Elle where Tim had the room in tears of laughter with tales of his childhood, being a Dad and husband.

I never laughed so hard reading my interviewee’s answers until I read Tim’s. This was totally unexpected and if Tim’s mission was to make me blush, it was accomplished! So enjoy this very unconventional and uncensored interview from Tim’s prospective.

G’day Tim! Thanks for your time! I know how you’re always either driving or jetsetting around the country so I really appreciate your time.

“Why thanks Jac it’s my pleasure” answers Tim leaning in to Jac and lightly brushing her arm and leaning a little too close, So thinks Jac, it’s going to be one of these interviews.

“Seeing you’ve been a co-host on many Australian radio breaky shows since the 90’s, I gotta ask are you a morning person or do you get up at 4am out of insanity?”

Slightly flustered but an old hand at boys flirting with her, Jac tries to keep it professional, she fires off her next question Tim is looking deep into this gorgeous girls eyes and is imagining laying on a tropical beach somewhere with her and comes crashing back to reality….

“Um, my money’s on insanity”, then instantly regrets his flippant answer…. Tim thinks about trying to impress her with some bullshit spiel about making a difference or helping brighten up people’s lives, but she’s just so beautiful and all he can come up with is:

So, are you a morning person?

Jac looks up from her notes, she was expecting some line about saving lives or at least some self-importance ‘Me! Me! Me! Bullshit, but this guy seems sort of normal in a weird way, and she and she asks herself “What am I feeling?…Why, I think I like this guy?Jac blushes ever so slightly and answers suggestively “Sometimes”, and is immediately cross with herself.

Pull it together Jac, you’re behaving like May fucking West or some giggling school girl, she tells herself as she skips over the next two questions and hits him with this…

“Take us back to the good old Comedy Company days which are etched in most Australians’ minds who are over 30. How did you get into this show that launched so many comedians’ careers?”

Tim cops this question like a slap in the face, he could have sworn he saw her blush.” Man she likes me”, Tim thinks , “but tthen she hits me with the ‘you are really too old for me’ thing… OUCH!.

“Well I was the youngest cast member, I was only two years old at the time. And who doesn’t love an articulate baby, baby?”

“Oh bugger, what a dumb answer”, she thinks I’m a fucking idiot, because I am!

“I can’t believe I said Baby Baby,” thinks Tim, losing any hope of this going any further…..

Jac mentally recoils. “Did this guy just call me Baby,” Jac ponders…. “That’s so creepy! Who gets called baby nowadays except babies? And what sort of person calls another person Baby? Unless you’re my bestie or writing a song and need something to rhyme, with maybe, but even then… Next he’ll be calling me Lady and that sucks a big bag of di…..

Tim continues, “It was a great time for Melbourne comedy, and I was very lucky to be involved”.

Jac didn’t expect that! “Wow he’s sort of humble”, but she comes to the conclusion he is sooo hitting on me. She looks down at the time on her computer and realises she hasn’t got much on for the next couple of days…..and after this interview is published I’ll be on holidays baby!

“I was going to ask you,” Jacqui continues, ‘Is there one particular skit from your time of the Comedy Company days that you remember fondly or with displeasure?”

But instead she asks, “Would you like to take me out for a drink?” Tim smiles directly into Jac’s eyes,” In answer to Jacqui’s sincere incredibly intelligent and probing question, Tim says “Yes, very much so”.

“Are you actually going to answer any of my questions?” ask Jac as she tries to remain professional. “Well I have some for you…..” Tim replies smartly.

Let’s just say that the interview proceeded very well.

I wish to thank all the agencies, managements, bands, singer/songwriters and artists who have continued to trust me with providing the best interviews I’ve been honoured to published on Gigs ‘n Interviews. Last but not least, a massive big thank to those who have continuously read my interviews and reviews.

Jacqui James

I'm an Australian author and music journalist from Melbourne. I've had articles and poetry published in several magazines and newspapers since finishing my Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing in 2001. In 2010 Gigs 'n Interviews was born. I launched it with my first big named interview and that was Vanessa Amorosi and then in 2012 I felt unbelievably privileged to interview Ronan Keating. I'm extremely proud of what Gigs 'n Interviews has become as it's seen as a platform for emerging artists and entertainers to be heard.

Looking forward to writing more children's books, I hope to change the wrong perception of children and adults with disabilities as I was born with Severe Cerebral Palsy (like Christy Brown who wrote My Left Foot). People can view my books at

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