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Eric “Chowie” Chow

MELBOURNE’S based band Truck is determined to bring the pure joy of hearing good rock back to the masses.

Truck is made up of five successful, heavy-weight musicians including lead vocalist Horsehead’s vocalist  Andy McLean, Baby Animals’ guitarist Dave Leslie, keyboardist Mark Donaldson, bassist Kevin Hunt and drummer Alex Deegan. These five talented gentlemen are backed by the illustrious mixer Kevin “Caveman” Shirley who has previously sprinkled his magic on hits from Aerosmith, Baby Animals, Cold Chisel, Iron Maiden and Silverchair to produce their rockin’ sound.

Eric "Chowie" Chow Photography
Eric “Chowie” Chow Photography

Listening to Truck’s recent single Unconventionally Rising you will be awakened by a kick of heavy guitars and drums, but the track is also progressive with Mark Donaldson’s organ magic. 

I was extremely fortunate to have a chat with Andy who is a very down-to-earth guy and has the personality of a big cuddly bear but loves to rock out!

Hi guys! Thanks for chatting to Gigs ‘n Interviews. When Eric “Chowie” Chow posted his professional photos from one of your gigs and reading his glowing endorsement of Truck, I thought you guys are perfect to promote!

Hi Jacqui …thanks for inviting {Truck} to be part of Gigs ‘n interviews!

Eric “Chowie” Chow Photography

All four of you have come from extremely successful bands (from Baby Animals to Horsehead to name a couple). What made you all want to form Truck?

Your first question is an easy one …answer – a love of music. I’m sure we all wanted world domination early in our careers, but now it’s all about feeding the soul. There is so much camaraderie that comes with being in a band and making music together …it’s quite addictive. I’m just grateful the universe allowed us to all align last year.

You’ve been on tour promoting your latest single Unconventionally Rising, your third single released this year. When I listened to it, it wasn’t your average over-the-top rock track. It has an organ that was very cool to hear and although it’s a nod to old-school rock, it’s very progressive. As a new band, how did you come up with this sound?

It’s in our DNA. We all grew up on 70’s rock …that Jon Lord sound. Personally, after playing with duelling guitars for so long in Horsehead, having keys in the band gave it a point of difference and then bam! …songs like Unconventionally Rising just fall out of you.

In your single Making Hay it has the appropriate lyrics for the past two years; “And I sway when the shit comes flying my way”. As older gentlemen, is this Truck’s mantra for life?

Eric “Chowie” Chow Photography

{Laughs} …. Yep …just like “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming” is the mantra for my kids. What’s the saying? ‘When life gives you lemons …make lemonade!!’ I think my parents instilled in me a strong work ethic and an awareness to always find things to be grateful for. Again, back to question one …. having music in my life brings me great joy.

Making Hay received a lot of attention both online and Triple M. Could you believe it when it was happening?

Ummm …it’s always really funny showing your baby to others …it’s getting less important what others think …but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t put a smile on my dial to get such positive feedback.

It’s not like it set the world on fire …but those who are close to us and whose opinions we value dug it straight away. A great feeling!!

Truck has been touring with Baby Animals and Rose Tattoo since July. I bet touring with those guys can be a little wild, or is it just lemon tea backstage now?

Ahhhh you’re on to us …and biscuits!! One does need to take a little more care of oneself as we get older. But hey…sometimes it’s hard to keep a lid on it after a euphoric show. Always with a designated driver!

PS. Scotch is still good for my vocal chords.

Can we expect an album from Truck in the future?

Yes indeed ..an album is on its way later this year …and it’s a cracker! We can’t wait, ‘coz we are keen to {be working on} material {for the} album number two…… We must be having too much fun!!!

Thanks so very much guys for the chat! I wish you all the best for your future!

Thanks for sharing the love. Long live Rock ‘n Roll!

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Thanks very much for your time, guys! I wish Truck all the best for the future.

Again a HUGE thanks to Eric “Chowie” Chow (@chowie_photography ) for giving me permission to use his photos from a recent Truck gig at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel.