The Rising Star Of Nathan Cavaleri

Nathan’s Facebook Nathan’s YouTube Channel Nathan’s Twitter MANY AUSTRALIANS OF the Hey Hey It’s Saturday golden era would remember being amazed by this little boy absolutely ripping guitar solos and riffs with his idols B. B King and Diesel. el. Nathan Cavaleri soon became a household name and became a […]

Diesel Goes Back To His American Roots

WORDS BY Jacqui James WHEN HE WAS approaching the big 50, native-born American singer/songwriter Diesel found himself reflecting about his childhood and which music had imprinted on him when was growing up and throughout adulthood. As a result, Mark Lizotte aka Diesel is releasing his latest tastey offering “Americana” today […]

Diesel, A True Music Fan Himself

Written by Jacqui James AS JOURNALISTS WE are taught to remove our bias whenever interviewing someone. Although whenever it comes to interviewing Mark Lizotte aka Diesel, it’s always an absolute privilege because this artist, singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer and a lovely man is one of Australia’s rock legends that doesn’t thrive […]