Singer/Songwriter/Poet Paris Wells

Written by Jacqui James


PARIS WELLS IS A QUIRKY singer/songwriter/poet who has injected some much needed life into the Australian music scene.

In 2008 Paris won the International Songwriting Contest and in the same year she released her debut Keep It. These days she enjoys performing at festivals such as Big Day Out, Falls Festival and Good Vibration. She also gave her time at the Sound Relief concert.

In recent months her cheeky, flirty and very catchy tune Let’s Get It Started has been featured on the radio and even on the TV show Winners & Losers and she hopes to get her music overseas later this year!

Paris’ recent album Various Small Fires is available on iTunes if you want to check it out.

Paris very kindly answered some questions about what she has been doing, her passions and hopes for the future. Thanks to the people at Ralph Carr Management for their time also!



Let’s Get It Started is quite catchy and sounds like it was influenced by a French flavor. Where did the idea come from?


I’m totally into French New Wave cinema. I wanted to get the seduction of the French into the song.

The video for Let’s Get It Started was released last week and it has a sexy mobster look to it. Was that fun to make?


SO MUCH FUN. Conceptualising it was easy, making it was a lot of hard work.

How would you define your music?


Alt {Alternative} Soul or Conscious Pop

When you were growing up what did you listen to?

Paul Simon, Janet Jackson, Janis Ian, Joe Cocker etc etc.

Did you and Justin Timberlake get along when you supported him on his Australian tour?

No we had big fights everyday…..joke.

You’ve just performed at some Mardi Gras shows. That must have been an absolute ball?

Trying to get past 35 Drag Queens to plug in your gear backstage can be trying but the gig itself was a blast!

You also performed during the Melbourne Cup. I bet the two gigs were quite different eh?

Oaks Day was a blast, we were very well looked after that day. Felt like a princess.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw you write poetry too (because so do I) and you’re a bloody good poet I might add. What’s easier for you to write – songs or poetry?

Poetry for sure.

What lies ahead for you in 2011 and beyond?

I need to get this album overseas.


Thanks so much Paris for your time!


If you would like to find out more about Paris, listen to her music or read her poetry, head to

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