IN THE 90’s,​​ Aussie teens and older generations were introduced to a​​ television​​ drama series called Heartbreak High following teens from all creeds of life dealing​​ with​​ many controversial issues that had never been expressed in​​ such​​ a​​ trendy way on TV​​ before, including immigration, racism, conception, sex and forbidden love. The television series Heartbreak High followed the motion picture called Heartbreak Kid in 1993. Salvatore Coco starred in both.


Take a trip down memory lane to​​ refresh​​ yourselves​​ of Heartbreak High which ran​​ until 1999:​​ 



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Salvatore Coco played the​​ cheeky​​ best mate Costa "Con" Bordino of Nick Poulos’ (Alex Dimitriades) in​​ both​​ Heartbreak Kid and Heartbreak High. These two actors have continued to act and involve themselves in the Australian film industry. ​​ In 2019​​ Salvatore is currently celebrating twenty-five years as an actor, performer and a singer. ​​ He is working on a project that he is extremely excited about, but unfortunately for us he can’t​​ disclose many details about it.​​ 


In recent years, Salvatore has starred in The Secret Daughter and the legendary The Peter Brook Story.​​ Alongside his passion of acting and coaching, Salvatore offers MC services for weddings, corperate events and award ceremonies. ​​ Since Salvatore has begun offering his MC services, he’s become​​ very much​​ in demand. ​​ If you would like to find out more about his services could offer you, head​​ HERE. ​​ 


Thank you very much Salvatore and your team for making this interview happen. ​​ 


G’day Salvatore! Thank you for chatting to me. ​​ Recently I recognised you on the TAB television ad, then I caught you on Channel 9’s Today, so I thought “he’d be very interesting to interview”! ​​ But let’s start at the beginning. ​​ You obviously dreamt of becoming an entertainer as you studied at a theatrical institute training in Acting, Singing, Dance when you were just nine years-old. What were your ambitions back then​​ to so?


Things kind of fell into place when I first found myself on a stage singing, I don’t really see it as being ambitious, I consider it as the “puzzle coming together”.​​ 


What was your acting debut, and can you recall how you felt on your first day onset?​​ 

The first time I was on a professional set I was fifteen or so and I was on a children’s series called “Swap Shop” on the ABC in Australia. I no idea what I was doing back then but I had a ball and I still remember telling my Late Father that I had fun that​​ day.


Can you tell us what has been your most challenging acting role so far?​​ 

I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to star in a Film called​​ Walk the Talk​​ written and directed by Shirley Barrett in the early 2000’s. Joey Grasso was so complex and​​ had so many shades to him. I really needed to tap into this character and be on the ball every day.


On Facebook/Instagram/Twitter you recently announced you’re making your directing debut. ​​ Can you tell us a little bit about it? ​​ Would directing be something you would be willing to do again?

I am currently directing a twenty-six-part web series for the Fashion Industry which I unfortunately cannot say too much about as it has yet to be announced.


Will I be doing something soon? Well you never know​​ what’s around the corner, so I don’t know, but I have been directing for a while I just haven’t gone public about it. I also teach and coach acting so it’s kind of the same thing in a way.


Many of us who were teenagers in the 90’s would remember you as the cheeky “Con” on the hit Australian series Heartbreak High, which tackled and broke so many stereotypes. ​​ Do you believe Australia needs another series like this in today’s unstable climate, especially about immigration and acceptance of all cultures?


We​​ could always do with another Heartbreak High!!​​ 


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In your Today interview, my ears pricked up when I heard you’re a singer as well – you’re the complete entertainer! When did you discover your voice and which kind of songs do you sing?​​ 


The voice,​​ yes it was there from the time I was born and come to light when I was nine years-old singing and dancing wherever I got a chance.


What is upcoming for you, apart from your directing debut?​​ 


Stay tuned as I appear in a ground breaking series coming on the Seven Network soon.

Thanks so much Salvatore for taking the time answering my questions. It was lovely meeting you in 1995 – a lifetime ago! ​​ 


I wish you happiness and success for your future. ​​