Jacqui James

JOSH PYKE HAS one of the most distinctive voices in Australian music. Through masterfully poetic lyrics, he immediately puts us at ease. His fifth album should strike a chord with fans, especially those in their thirties. The gorgeous, nostalgia-rich track ‘Be Your Boy’ brings back childhood memories of being besties with the opposite sex, and a smile might creep onto your face when hearing the lyric splitting this drink from the bottle. Then he gently addresses such issues that maybe interrupted as being there for a loved one who is dealing with depression (‘Songlines’) and embracing getting older (‘Hollering Hearts’). Pyke has made a really cruisy but flavoursome album, featuring stellar songwriting and arrangements. Those arrangements range from the strings and chimes of ‘Book of Revelations’ to the acoustic guitar and quiet banjo on ‘Momentary Glow’ to the intense organ in ‘There’s a Line’, maybe symbolising our panicking daily thoughts.


*Originally appeared in The Big Issue #490.

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