Jacqui James

WATCHING THE MOVIE Begin Again gives you some prospective on the journeys most singer/songwriters begin, playing in a small pub with little active listeners.

Begin Again starring Keira Knighley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine (Maroon 5) in his acting debut is a joy to watch. It’s another well-written and directed film by John Carney who gave us the beautiful 2006 Once.

Begin Again follows a friendship between Gretta (Knightley) and a recently unemployed producer Dan (Ruffalo) after their chance meeting in a pub. Being disillusioned by the acts getting signed to his ex-label, Dan is immediately drawn to Gretta’s pure and organic voice and begs her to record.

New York is another character in Begin Again; providing the perfect backdrop for promise and opportunity.

I give Begin Again four frangipanis out of five!

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