Jacqui James

Like millions around the world, I shed tears when we heard about George Michael’s passing yesterday. As a 10 year-old I playing his Faith album that Much had put on a cassette for me. I remember feeling naughty as I repeatedly played I Want Your Sex, but throughout his career George enjoyed pushing the limits especially with his videos which became his way to express art culture and sexuality.

Once he had escape from the of a record company, by 1986/87, we began to see the real George with his bravo. By 1990, George wasn’t afraid of “coming out” with his sexuality and the fact he felt the “freedom” of being unshackled from his previous record contract.

George enjoyed himself, but was always classy about it. He was religious, yet embraced life and all of life’s pleasures. He made mistakes, but always owned them. He loved and was loved; today’s out-pouring of grief for OUR loss to music proves how loved he was.

Rest In Peace Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. Thankyou for giving us your music and for teaching us how to love others, love ourselves and to use time to the fullest.

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