KATE CEBERANO IS A national treasure who is celebrating her twenty-fifth year in the music industry. In the 1980’sKate won numerous awards including the Aria for Best Female Singer in 1985 and 1989.

She moved into the Jazz and Contemporary genres, where she gained great success and acknowledgement from her peers but most importantly her fans loved the direction she was taking.

Kate has done it all; performing as Mary in the highly successful musical Jesus Christ Superstar in 1992 as well as winning Dancing In The Stars in 2007.

Kate’s bubbly personality shines through with everything she does. You’ll see this is my interview with her.

How was it working with Ronan Keating on his Winter Songs?  

Ronan, is an absolute professional and a gentleman. I had a brief but excellent experience singing with him for his winter Songs and my Merry Christmas discs.    

You’re a great role model for girls and young women. Do you shake your head when there’s another story about a celebrity behaving badly?

I generally try not to read about other artists, it’s better all round just to have a chat and get the goss from the horse’s mouth…as it were.

Tell us about your role as Ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. What does it entail?

I find working for the NBFC inspirational and important. It is the most vital, aggressive, active group I have had the pleasure to work for. They really know how to get ACTION happening. It dynamic to see how in small ways, vast changes can affect others. [very positive stuff.

You have blended being a singer/songwriter and performer together so well. Did you learn how to or did it come naturally?

I’m in love with all the art forms involved with performance. Since I was very little I was always enamoured by the performer. Through them I seemed to have found a way to escape reality, normality. It then became my life’s ambition to discover different ways to find myself in their place. Dreaming up and using my imagination to allow others to escape.

How is it like touring again?

I LOVE touring! I love setting up and setting down like a travelling circus. I love the different personalities of the different audiences each night. And the challenges that come with live performance. 

Has motherhood helped you with your songwriting?

Most definitely yes, I think I’m more honest and can reach deeper into my heart for ways to describe love. More than just some transitory thing but the stuff of life itself. 

I bet your six year-old daughter asks you to sing all the time! What kind of songs might these be?

Lady Gaga and Mamma Mia…..it’s only natural!

Are you going to release any new stuff soon?

You bet, it’s gonna be a shock (of course), ’cause I’m due for something a little dangerous. It time to get myself back onto the dance floor me thinks. Its therapy for the soul!

If you have to pinpoint a career highlight from the past twenty-five years what would it be?

Jesus Christ Superstar. Playing for sixteen thousand seaters, performing with an orchestra and choir each night. Makes my hair curl with joy at the memory of that.

What do you hope for the future?

To become rich, cause I certainly got fame but I figure the two should go together.  Problem is though, I’d probably only give it all away…..! Oh well, Ces’t la Vie!


Thankyou to Kate for being so efficient and open! I truly wish you happiness in your life!

Also thanks to Ralph Carr Management.


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