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MYKAYLA WILDE IS​​ an ambitious young Australian singer/songwriter who has followed her dream all the way to Nashville. She dreams to become a singer/songwriter​​ writing songs that people can relate to. To me, that’s the best recipe for a great musician.

Mykayla claims she has performed since she started speaking as a child as well as beginning dancing lessons at the age of four. As well as being an ambitious young woman, she admires some of the great artists of all time including Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Stevie Nicks, Carol King, Anastasia, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Ray Charles. 

Mykayla’s original packed-with-punch original song​​ Never Meant To Be​​ is on​​ Spotify​​ and on her​​ Facebook​​ page you will find a really cool acoustic version of this track. Mykayla loves putting​​ her spin with doing​​ covers of her idols especially Beyonce. On her​​ Soundcloud​​ and Facebook pages you will discover her beautiful covers including a powerful and beautiful mash-up of the Grammy winning​​ Say Something​​ (A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera) and​​ Apologise​​ (OneRepublic and Timberland).

Mykayla and I have a mutual connection; a friend from my Tafe days is Mykayla’s Aunt. So I have Mykala’s Aunt to thank for telling me about Mykayla’s talents and introducing us to each other.​​ 


G’day Mykayla!  It’s very exciting to chat to an emerging Australian artist who has studied music in Nashville!  You were born basically performing right?​​ 

Hey! Yeah pretty much, I’ve loved being the centre of attention since I was very little, and mum was trying to find a way to use this as a gift, so she put me in dancing and singing lessons!​​ 

What was it like studying in Nashville?  How did that opportunity come about?   

Nashville was INCREDIBLE! Not only was I lucky enough to visit the beautiful city, but having the chance to study songwriting with some amazing artists just put the cherry on top!​​ 
My friend and I had planned a seven week US trip and I was set on staying a couple of those weeks getting inspired in Nashville, this short course fit into the dates perfectly, so I booked it straight away!​​ 


Despite where you studied, your music is diverse. Your single​​ Never Meant To Be​​ which is available on Spotify, is very poppy. Where you develop your​​ 

music tastes from?  

I can thank my Mum and Dad for my music taste.​​ Some of my favourite memories are singing along to many different artists in the car on long trips, from Sade’ to ACDC I grew up with a love of everything musical.​​ 


You do a great acoustic​​ Drunk In Love​​ Beyoncé cover. Obviously you have an ear to turn a​​ song into something else?​​ 

Thankyou! Beyoncé is one of my biggest idols! I love hearing music and listening to lyrics and interpreting them how I hear them. Most of the songs I cover I LOVE and listen to on repeat, I just play them in a way that I would sing them rather than the original artist.​​ 

You list one of your greatest achievements was performing at the RMH Neuroscience Foundation Ball in front of many television personalities. Were you shocked to be invited, yet alone performing?​​ 

The RMH Neuroscience Foundation is an organisation extremely close to my heart, as my Dad was diagnosed with Brain Cancer a little over three years ago. I was honoured to have been asked to play, and knowing the proceeds were going to such an important cause really made it​​ worthwhile!​​ 

What are your hopes and goals for the future?  If an agent is reading this, what would you pitch them?​​ 

I have so many aspirations and hopes for the future. I’ve always been one to dream big and not stop until I achieve all I want. I’m hoping​​ to release an EP by the middle of next year, I did a lot of writing while I was overseas, and am currently working with an incredible musician to put it all together.

I just want to be heard. I want people to be able to relate to my lyrics and to help​​ people with my music like so many artists have for me.​​ 


Thanks again for chatting with me Mykayla! I hope your career as a singer-songwriter is a long and happy one!  


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