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MR DEAN RAY confidently strut onto the X Factor 2014 audition stage with his acoustic guitar in front of judges who had previously said they wanted to find someone different! When Dean began playing his cover of Bette Davis Eyes Redfoo said, “Check your passport, because you’re out of this world man.”

Since being the “runner-up” of X Factor 2014, the Melbourne singer/songwriter has found a home in hearts of over 200,000 fans. There’s something organic and pure to Dean. What you see is definitely what you get. And it’s apparent he really cares about giving back.

In his latest video, a gorgeous cover of Jason Buggs’ track You and Me you see him lighting up a cigarette while walking Fitzroy streets at dusk until the sun rises.

In his words, Dean says, “I’ve been called mysterious, intense, confusing, crazy and captivating. But at the end of the day, I’m just a guy with a guitar and a story to tell. Live and love…”

Thanks to Ralph Carr, his team and Rina Ferris I was able to fulfill my desire to interview Dean. I’m happy to say he’s a really nice guy! So thank you Dean for your time. It was a real pleasure reading your answers

 G’day Mr. Dean Ray! How are you? Thanks for chatting to me. When I (and others) saw you on X Factor, we saw something different, something authentic. With X Factor seen as “very manufactured” were you keen to break the mold?

I was just there to play to be honest. The fact that I was different didn’t occur to me until I was in the live shows. I am grateful to have been on the show.

I love this quote from you because it sums up your nature well: “I left home young because I just felt that chapter was over and I wanted to see other things. I wanted to go broke, I wanted to sleep under bridges…” What did these experiences make you realise?

The enjoyment of life isn’t in the destination it’s in the journey to get there. I wanted to feel life and adventure to strange places. It’s my Sagittarius nature. All these experiences made me the Artist and person I am today.

Recalling you perform at a Ronald McDonald House and seeing you interact with the kiddies warmed my heart. Is it important for you to help the less fortunate?

I’ve always had a soft spot for the less fortunate. I make a point to never take my health and situation for granted. No matter how bad things get they are worse for someone else. I love to meet these people. Their inner strength is something we can all learn from.

Your latest single Me And You is a gorgeous cover of a Jake Bugg song and the video was shot in Fitzroy, Melbourne. I think the song and video are a perfect match. What attracted you to this sweet and gorgeous song?

I fell in love with the way this song was written. It’s incredibly beautiful. I’ll be playing it at my shows in and around Sydney later this month. {see below the interview for Dean’s dates }.

You’re currently working on new material and continuing touring around the country until JUNE! Are you livin’ the dream?

This was always a goal of mine to tour to appreciative crowds and get to as many places as I can. I hit a lot of regional areas too as that’s where I come from.

I’m looking forward to seeing you release an album of originals. Is this something likely to happen in the not too distant future?

New material is in the works at the moment. Hopefully release some music around winter/spring. The songs have been getting a great response on the road man.

 Dean’s Touring Australia:



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