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Written by Jacqui James

THE PANDA BAND ARE what I call inspirations. They are an extremely proud indie band who own their own label Bam Boo and even offering their new single The Fix as a free download from their website. Player

Originally from Perth, the band now touring America while writing for their upcoming album Charisma Weapon. Each member has shared the songwriting role for this new album too.

The Panda Band are excited about coming home for their Charisma Weapon national tour, but before they get going they kindly sat down and answered my questions.

Thanks to Danae from Remedy Music for suggesting I interview the guys! And of course thanks guys for answering so quickly!

I know you must have been asked this hundreds of times but what’s with your name?

Pandas are lovely cuddly creatures much like ourselves, they eat all day and are black and white like yin and yang…the balance of life…we like pandas we were nearly The Amanda Band.

You’re offering your latest single The Fix as a free download from your website. As an independent band it’s a pretty unselfish move. Why did you decide to offer it as a freebie?

We want people to hear it, if they like it they can buy a t-shirt and come see us live, then we can make more music and give it all away.

You guys have been touring America while writing your upcoming album Charisma Weapon. Describe that experience to us.

It was amazing, we bought a van and drove around the country playing shows. We stayed in Mississippi for two weeks writing and recording parts of Charisma Weapon, we stayed in small shacks, each one had its own piano. We also played lots of stick cricket and made a horror film called The Mississippi Brownfoot. {smiles}

On Charisma Weapon each member got to write tracks?

When it came down to choosing the tracks for Charisma Weapon was it difficult to choose, trying to be fair? Not at all, a good track stands out, we all know when a song isn’t ready and we work on the tracks so much that when it’s finished…IT’S FINISHED!

Which artists/bands have influenced you?

{The}Beatles, Super Fury Animals, Beach Boys {and} Bowie.

What is it like having own record label Bam Boo (very clever name by the way)? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

It’s great, it gives us control of what we want to do with our music and the pleasure of signing a band if see potential.

Over the past year or two there has been a real embracement of Indie music in general. Why do you think this is?

{The} internet has helped people to get their music out of their bedrooms, record companies can’t keep up and people can buy music directly from the artists’ website; independently musicians can now make a living if their product is strong enough.

From the end of July to September you’re touring Australia. Are you looking forward to playing in front of Aussie faces again?

Oh yes, life on the road has been missed and we are looking forward to sharing what we have been doing over the last few years, there a are new band members, new songs and new party animal instincts.

What’s the best thing about being in a band?

The combination of talents joining together to create art, it’s like playing a sport, you have to work together to create something special that makes you feel alive.

What do you ultimate goal as a band?

To be heard by as many people and animals as possible.



Thu 28th July – Hotel New York, Launceston, TAS

Fri 29th July – Spurs, Devonport, TAS

Sat 30th July – Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS

Fri 5th August – The Great Northern, Byron Bay, NSW

Sat 6th August – The Globe, Fortitude Valley, QLD

Wed 10th August – The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW

Thu 11th August – The Vault, Windsor, NSW

Fri 12th August – Northern Star, Newcastle, NSW

Sat 13th August – The Gaelic Club, Sydney, NSW

Wed 17th August – ANU, Canberra, ACT

Thu 18th August – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC

Fri 19th August – Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC

Sat 20th August – Hotel Metro, Adelaide, SA

Fri 26th August – Rosemount Hotel, North Perth, WA

Fri 2nd September – Player’s Bar, Mandurah, WA



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