WHEN I BEGAN​​ Gigs ‘n Interviews back in May 2010, I didn’t know how I would go. My 15 year-old self had dreamt of becoming a journalist and maybe interviewing artists after my English teacher said she could envision me doing so, because I had always been passionate about music. However, at Tafe my non-fiction/editing​​ teacher​​ said the total opposite, due to my physical disability and said how journalists have to be able to spit out articles just like that.

After 217 published interviews and 21 published reviews,​​ I think I have showed everyone that if you’re passionate about doing a profession you can achieve anything. I hope people follow their dreams most of all.​​ 


I have had to make the most difficult decision with a very heavy heart to hang up my interviewing hat due to ongoing health reasons and​​ living with​​ chronic pain everyday. This hasn’t been an easy​​ decision;​​ actually I’ve been stewing on it for many months and I finally talked to friends about it in October. One friend ​​ (who helped me with setting up the technical side of Gigs ‘n Interviews​​ and has been always been there where things went wrong with Wordpress or the host…I won’t name him because he gets embarrassed, but he’s the owner of​​ https://protoncreative.com.au/​​ and he’s one of the nicest people you could meet)​​ and I had many chats about my decision and he knows how I feel about not continuing. I still feel so torn, but I know it’s the right decision.

I would love to thank Will​​ Alexander then Jessica McMahon who started me interviewing artists represented by​​ Heapsaflash. They have trusted me from the word go to do right by​​ them and​​ their artists, which was​​ to get little-known but super talented singers/songwriters to receive publicity. And then there’s the lovely Kylie Cobb from​​ www.kittykittybangbang.com.au/​​ who has continuously thrown interviewing opportunities my way.​​ Will, Jess and Kylie have become great friends of mine which I value more than anything.


My interviewing highlights would have to be Diesel’s management/agent actually contacting me asking for an interview once.​​ Also when Diesel himself told me face-to-face he reads Gigs ‘n Interviews frequently. This was another OH MY GOD moment.​​ ​​ I usually am the one who contacts the artists‘​​ agencies​​ and/or management pleading for an interview. So getting asked by my idol’s agent​​ (Diesel)​​ felt as if I had cemented myself as a journalist. Another huge highlight was when I had finally secured an interview with Ronan Keating. That took me about two​​ years to get through to his management, with many obstacles popping up along the way. I’m looking forward to telling my nephews and nieces “Aunty Jac interviewed some big artists when you were little!” They will probably say “Who’s Ronan Keating? Who’s Jon Stevens? Who’s Dragon?”​​ 


My interview with the extremely cheeky comedian Tim Smith… OH MY GOD! When I read his answers, I literary​​ blushed. Tim’s apart of the​​ Comedy Gallery​​ which financially assists​​ people desperately in need. Andrew Brown​​ is another great guy who my family and I have become good friends with and I felt really privileged to interviewed such an awesome guy.


I’m hoping to give up you one more interview around​​ March, and if this interview comes to life, I will hang up my interviewing hat​​ very,​​ very contently. If it doesn’t, it won’t matter​​ because I know I have given Gigs ‘n Interviews my all. My intent was to showcase a diversity of music. I’m very humbled and honoured to say​​ Gigs ‘n Interviews has been viewed​​ as a platform for emerging artists as well a vehicle for big-named artists to get their voices heard through​​ our​​ interviews​​ together.​​ 

So a huge thank you to the artists/bands​​ and entertainers​​ I have had the pleasure of interviewing over the years. To read your answers was always fascinating, and thank you for letting me into your lives​​ for an afternoon or evening.​​ But most of all thankyou to those who have read Gigs ‘n​​ Interviews regularly. I hope you’ve enjoyed everything I have done.​​  

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