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IF YOU WERE a 90’s teenager or in your early twenties you would remember Killing Heidi’s epic song Weir. Here’s a reminder:


Now fast-forward to 2014 Ella Hooper has continued to be a consistent force in the Aussie music industry by being the team captain on Spicks and Specks, airing on Wednesdays 8.30pm on ABC1 . In the past Ella has been a TV presenter supporting new music and local gigs on Southern Cross’ TV program RADAR, as well as being a judge in Telstra’s Road To Discovery songwriting competition.

Earlier this year releasing her new single Low High, Ella stepped into the spotlight once again Low High perfectly blends a folk/country theme with pop, highlighting Ella’s incredible range. You can purchase Low High on iTunes here.



Low High is only a taste of some goodies Ella has up her sleeve. She exclusively told Gigs ‘n Interviews she is preparing to release her upcoming debut album In Tongues in June! Currently Ella’s on tour. In fact if you’re in Adelaide, you can catch Ella at Jive. For more gig dates, please read on.

I was lucky enough to have a chat to Ella who’s absolutely lovely! She’s one very cool chick. Thanks to 123 Agency for setting this interview up.

G’day Ella! It’s lovely to catch up with you! You have definitely been up to lots since Killing Heidi days! With everything you do, what is the most rewarding?

Well I feel lucky to be so busy and to be doing so many different things, it’s really hard to pick a favourite! Learning a new skill is always amazing so at the moment it’s probably TV that makes me feel the most stretched, but it’s putting my first solo album out in June (In Tongues) that will feel like the biggest achievement I think.

Your new single Low High is so different to Killing Heidi’s stuff! It’s very catchy. Where did you get the idea of your new unique sound?

It came through experimentation in the studio, mixing up all the diverse genres and influences that I love to create something new and hopefully unique. Everything from Harry Belafonte to Nick Cave to Massive Attack!

Are you excited or apprehensive about the new chapter ahead of you?

Excited! Definitely.

I bet you and your band are excited about being on tour? What is the best thing about touring?

Connecting with the audience… . It’s such a kick to see that something you’ve written or created strikes a chord in others

It’s difficult to believe you have been in the Aussie music industry for almost fifteen years! Since you started so young, do you sympathise with young artists who seem to get pushed into the deep end?

Yes I feel very protective of (and encouraging of) young artists, it seems like only yesterday I was one of them with no clue at all how to handle my career and/or my passion! I love engaging with them through a program I host called the Telstra Road To Discovery… It’s always inspiring to see the next wave coming through. It can be a steep learning curve so it’s crucial we all share information and stories and help each other out.

I’ve recently interviewed the amazing Christopher Coleman who you’ve worked with. Who else have you worked with?

I have met so many talented artists lately… It’s been a good year or two for that. I wouldn’t say I so much work with people as just chat and advise and become their friend. I do the odd backing vocal and guest spot here and there as well. That’s the fun side of being a muso.

I’ve seen you go great on Spicks ‘n Specks and Rockquiz! Were you that kid who knew everything about music?

{giggles} Yes. I can’t believe it’s now my job! I’ve always loved to know the who what where of the music I listen to and my brain just remembers these now-not-so-useless facts. {winks}

{Ella, my family and friends forget a name of an artist or a song, I’m always the person who comes up with the correct answer. So Ella, I’m glad there’s other people who knows useless facts!}

Last year you were a judge for an Aussie Songwriting competition so you would have heard some amazing talented people. What makes a good song GOOD?

Ooh that’s tough! It’s different for each song. That’s why it’s so hard to teach songwriting, as soon as you think you’ve found a rule, along comes an exception to that rule!  For me it’s basically about being genuine. Believable.

Thanks so much Ella for your time to doing this interview! You’ve been one of the understated singer/songwriters, so I’m thrilled to interview you.


Fri 9 May | Jive, Adelaide
Tickets: www.moshtix.com.au
with special guests

Thurs 15 May | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Tickets: www.oztix.com.au
with special guest Gena Rose Bruce

Fri 16 May | SoundLounge, Gold Coast
Tickets: www.soundlounge.com.au
with special guest Gena Rose Bruce

Sat 17 May | Star Court Theatre, Lismore
Tickets: www.starcourttheatre.com.au
with special guest Gena Rose Bruce

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