Diesel @ Chelsea

Diesel and Band

Chelsea Heights Hotel

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Written by Jacqui James


IT GIVES ME GREAT pleasure to write my first new gig review on Gigs ‘n Interviews on my all-time favourite Australian singer/songwriter/guitarist Diesel.

Like with every small pub gig he does, Diesel had a rack of guitars on the side of the stage ready for action. Diesel kept us waiting as he was late but the wait was worth it. Then he came out wearing shirt with a tie and slacks. He looked mighty fine!

Last night he played more electric guitars than acoustic as he travelled through his back catalogue of hits with a few surprises on the way including a track called Love Will Travel that he “just whipped up in the studio last week.”

It never ceases to amaze me how Diesel with Richie on bass and Lee on drums always changes up the sound of his hits. One More Time sounded completely different last night and I’ve seen Diesel too many times to say but it took me a while to catch on which song it was.

From the days of Johnny Diesel and The Injectors Diesel played Parisiemme Motel playing tribute to the time when he stayed in Melbourne. He, Richie and Lee rocked the Chelsea Heights Hotel; they enjoyed making a real rock atmosphere!

Diesel is just an amazing guitarist. The way he uses his acoustic guitars as drums in Come To Me hypes up the crowd every time. I took a friend who had never seen him live and she was blown away when Diesel played Dig. The crowd responded to his brilliance too. At one stage he climbed onto the top of an amp and played his guitar and he urged the crowd to make more noise.

Diesel and band still can get a crowd rocking with guitar riffs and his hits from the past three decades. And at the end of the day he’s contented with some chocolate next to his towel onstage. He always is very humble towards his audience and long-time fans as he thanks us for supporting live music.

Set list:

(Unknown song)

Love Junk

Lookin’ For Love

One More Time

Please Send Somebody To Love

Don’t Need Love

(Unknown Song)

All Come Together

Never Miss Your Water

Whiskey and Weed

Parisiemme Hotel


Come To Me

Tip Of My Tongue


Love Will Travel

Cryin’ Shame

Can’t Stand The Rain

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