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OVER THE PAST seven years on Gigs ‘n Interviews I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting to one of my idols. Diesel aka Mark Lizotte has been one of my favourite artists to interview as he’s a genuine nice guy as well as the ultimate master of producing award-winning songs that have become a part of Australia’s music history.

In 2018, Diesel is celebrating thirty years of original recordings by doing what he does best – touring the country. (for his tour dates, go to http://dieselmusic.com.au/shows/). Actually one of his recent Queensland gigs were sold out, proving Diesel is as popular as ever!

Diesel isn’t intending to slow down anytime soon! As well as gruelling touring, he has continued to produce for upcoming artists. However, he is most proud of his ongoing achievement, fatherhood of his son and daughter.

G’day Mark! How are you?  I can’t help myself, but thanks for chatting for Gigs ‘n Interviews for “One More Time!” What’s new with you and your music?

Hi! Since we last spoke I’ve been doing a lot of writing and production for other artists, Chance Carousel, Alys Ffion, Imogen Clark and Lila Gold to name a few. During all of this activity I recorded and released “Let It Fly” and “Americana”. Working with other artists has allowed me to absorb things I might not experience with my own music.

Thirty years of original recordings is an awesome accomplishment.  If you could rewind back to your teenager self, what advice would you give to yourself?  Do you have any regrets and what are you most proud of?  

Hang in there, it will get better! There was a point where I really doubted my choice in career. I still pinch myself at the fact that I can make a life out of “bling, bling, pluck, la,la, la (scream)”

For me, having a family unit and being a father (one who’s told he’s doing a good job of it) are my most admirable achievements in my mind, without that there probably wouldn’t be much music from me to speak of.

On your Instagram (@diesel_music) you have a photo taken at an airport with the caption, “6am start after a 2am finish”.  How does one keep touring with only a couple hours of sleep?

Adrenaline and plenty of it. {Mark laughs}

There’s something fun in a sadistic way about getting up at stupid o’clock after a late finish, the jokes are always good and strangely some of the best shows we’ve done have been on very little sleep, at some point you crash and burn.

I’ve also noticed on your Instagram that you’ve really gotten into photography from guitars to beaches.  Is photography a hobby for you to help you relax between gigs?

I see so many things I want to take pictures of when I’m out on the road, I’m the annoying guy who wants to turn around just to get a picture of something that caught my eye as we hurl down the highway.

I guess there is a certain element of frustration not being able to share something you’ve seen whilst travelling, Instagram is a great portal for the road.

I picture you doing gigs until eighty because you seem to just love most gigs. Can you ever see yourself stop touring?  

I’m not sure I’d ever not want to play to people, it’s existential for me. I’m not certain it will always be the “road” though, maybe it will get to a stage where I can make everyone come to me!

I hope to see you in May at the Matthew Flinders Hotel! I wonder what tricks you’ll pull out the with your guitar this time?  

Great! The tour should be well oiled by then.

Regarding guitars, I’ll always try to bring as many as Qantas will allow me…{Laughs} Six or seven different species is my goal, entertaining myself and the audience. Gotta have toys!

Thank you very much again Mark for all the interviews you’ve done with me.  You have always been supportive and encouragingly of myself doing Gigs ‘n Interviews and outside of this little site. I will always hold close to my heart when you said you were a regular reader of Gigs ‘n Interviews! That made me feel like a “journalist” and a not a half bad one at that.  Thank you for always treating me with respect and for spending the extra time to allow me to say what I wanted (from the Croydon Festival where I had a communication board to my laptops with the damn headswitch, to now the amazing eye gaze which you partly funded which Mum and I are forever grateful for).  Our meetings have been always out of your generosity.  You’re one of the good men in this often selfish world. So thank you Mark! 


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