The Impressive Alice Fraser

I think it depends on who you talk to, but legally speaking we’re a lot better off than we were a couple of hundred years ago. On the other hand, if someone’s a creep, we can’t just get our nearest male relative to challenge them to a duel anymore, so progress is a mixed blessing. I don’t think people get away with low grade public disrespect as much any more. 

Tibi – A Force To Provide Inclusivity At All Gigs

I was very grateful to receive a lot of positive feedback from the disability community when Tibi started. People were excited to see a disability led company taking on the world of live events. One of the most important things to remember is no two persons access requirements will be the same. That is why it is crucial to have as much information provided online. This allows people with disability to step into a space confidently with knowledge of what is available to support their access requirements. If a person cannot find the answer to their question or need clarification on something, have a contact number or email available where someone from your team can answer all access related queries.