Palias Theatre, Melbourne

March 2007


Written by Jacqui James


I KEPT MY EXPECTATIONS LOW about this concert because people at the Palias had said there was no guarantee I would be able to see anything. (I’m in a wheelchair and I have been to gigs where I didn’t see a damn thing!) I thought alright I’m going to enjoy the music and Mum could take photos which see did.

For 80% of the show I could see just about everything. We had good seats. I was wrapped just to see JD!

However, Tim Farris (guitarist) was under the weather and sat down throughout the concert. Let me just say his mind wasn’t at the Palias at all.

The concert finished and it was an amazing night (I think I enjoyed it more than U2 ). We had organised to meet the taxi down a side street. We were walking down the street and I could hear something happening ahead then I heard someone say it’s JD, then I heard his voice! My stomach leapt a thousand inches while in my head I keep thinking OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH…MY….GOD!!!!

Suddenly a car drove off and JD was in it. He looked at me, smiled and pretended to be locked in the car. Haha. I smiled back, in shock!! That made my year, to get noticed by him and the fact that he wanted to get out of the car but unfortunately it was too late!

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