Written by Jacqui James




I JUST LOVE this new video from Train!! It’s one of the funniest videos I’ve seen for a long time. It even has The Hoff in it!! You gotta admit anything with The Hoff is cool!

The lyrics alone in Fifty Ways To Say Goodbye are a crack up:

She went down in anhttp://edu.glogster.com/media/4/29/91/62/29916223.jpg airplane
Fried getting suntanned
Fell in a cement mixer full of quicksand
Help me, help me, I’m no good at goodbyes!
She met a shark under water
Fell and no one caught her
I returned everythi
ng I ever bought her
Help me, help me, I’m all out of lies
And ways to say you died.

So you can imagine what the video is like. Enjoy!



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