Jeremy from Busby Marou Discusses The Great Divide

Share this…FacebookTwitterLinkedinWORDS BY Jacqui James BUSBY MAROU HAVE found themselves a huge fanbase thanks to hard work and continuous gigs that showcase their passion for Australia and mateship. Tom and Jeremy are gearing up for the release of their fourth studio album The Great Divide in September. The Great Divide […]

Gigs ‘n Interviews’ Undiscovered Find – Shotgun Mistress

Share this… Facebook Twitter Linkedin SHOTGUN MISTRESS is a group  of four Melbourne rockers with a powerful and timely message with their debut single No Friend Of Mine, raising awareness about domestic violence which sadly has become an epidemic both here and abroad  in recent years. Just formed in 2018, […]

The Rising Star Of Nathan Cavaleri

Share this… Facebook Twitter Linkedin Nathan’s Facebook Nathan’s YouTube Channel Nathan’s Twitter MANY AUSTRALIANS OF the Hey Hey It’s Saturday golden era would remember being amazed by this little boy absolutely ripping guitar solos and riffs with his idols B. B King and Diesel. el. Nathan Cavaleri soon became a […]

Gigs ‘n Interviews’ Undiscovered Find – Kim Churchill

Share this… Facebook Twitter Linkedin WORDS BY Jacqui James KIM CHURCHILL IS one chilled-out indie-pop artist. His upcoming EP I Am is the perfect soundtrack to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon. You can see Kim’s easy-going personality and his appreciation for nature in the video After The Sun below: From […]

Gigs ‘n Interviews’ Undiscovered Find – Nouri

Share this… Facebook Twitter Linkedin SYRIAN BORN SINGER/SONGWRITER Nouri is taking the charts by storm with her debut single Where Do We Go From Here? However, don’t let her powerhouse voice and stunning looks fool you, Nouri would like to convey an extremely important message to people. Nouri was one of […]