Written by Jacqui James

THIS MONTH I WOULD LIKE to highlight two videos that capture the human spirit and HOPE for a better world.

Gerard Butler acting as an inspirational Sam Chillders in Machine Gun Preacher

Last year I watched an incredible movie Machine Gun Preacher based on the life and ongoing work of Sam Chillders in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan saving children from the evil grip of Sam Kony and his army (which consists of children who Kony kidnapped and forced them to kill their own parents.

Unfortunately as the movie wasn’t “fairy-floss, Hollywood-friendly” it was a very limited release even though it starred the very gorgeous Gerard Butler. I do believe Machine Gun Preacher is released on DVD next month in Australia. I have just read Sam’s autobiography Another Man’s War: The True Story Of Sam Chillders which was very inspirational and if you want to visit his website it’s www.machinegunpreacher.org/





Jason Mraz

The second video is Jason Mraz’s I Won’t Give Up On Us which is a total different sound his past cruisey sound. It’s Jason’s more mature side. This great song can be about anything; a relationship or human beings as a whole. The video is quite beautiful too.