Empty Space



Written by Jacqui James


THE LEGENDARY AUSSIE ROCK group Powderfinger released their Footprints The Best Of Powderfinger 2001-2011 on November 4, and has brought out one of the two previously unreleased singles from the best of. Alternatively they released The Ultimate Collection which has their hits from 1994-2011.

Empty Space is the new single from Footprints The Best Of Powderfinger 2001-2011 and is very fitting because its lyrics reads:




Everybody saying, it’s such a shame
About you and I
But who are they to say?
That we never try
Was it all a waste, was it all in vain?
I never ever saw this coming in
Not fun without, not fun within
Either of our love, was it all a waste
Was it all in vain?

Unfortunately unless they decide to release the other unreleased single, Empty Space will be the last Powderfinger video ever. *sigh* and *bowing* to the guys!