Dancing In The Storm

Boom Crash Opera

What a great acoustic album this is! As a kid I loved Boom Crash Opera; I asked Mum to put their albums onto cassettes so I could listen to them on my little pink radio/tape player. Actually they were one of my favourite bands in the 80’s! So on Friday when I found out they had a new acoustic album out I had to get it.


Dancing In The Storm is a greatest hits album that the band recorded at original band member now producer Richard Pleasance’s country property on Victoria’s Black Saturday. The album has thirteen tracks and it captured the fun and the carefree feel the band’s songs always had.

On Dancing In The Storm it has the hits The Best Thing, Onion Skin, Dancing In The Storm, Hands Up In The Air, Get Out Of The House, In The Morning, Bettadaze and Talk About It. The band sound just like I remembered – so bloody good!

With the album you get a DVD of a MTV Unplugged session which was filmed in the early 90’s (oh – the fashion!). The DVD shows how great the band are live.

Dancing In The Storm gets five of out five frangipanis! If you were an 80’s Aussie child/teenager, you’ll likely love this CD/DVD!

[Disc 1] CD Dancing In The Storm
1. The Best Thing
2. Onion Skin
3. Great Wall
4. Dancing In The Storm
5. Hands Up In The Air
6. Love Me To Death
7. Get Out Of The House
8. In The Morning
9. You Wouldn’t Want To Know
10. Bettadaze
11. Ordinary Heaven
12. Talk About It
13. Caught Between Two Towns

[Disc 2] DVD Live Unplugged Videos
1. Get Out Of The House
2. Talk About It
3. This Isn”t Love
4. The Last Place On Earth
5. What A Goodnight
6. Don’t Let On
7. In The Morning
8. Bettadaze
9. Dancing In The Storm
10. Onion Skin