Written by Jacqui James


With all this talk of doom and gloom, the economic climate and natural disasters, music is one of the best ways to escape from all these worries.


Last year my courageous Dad started up a conversation with a good-looking, bubbly woman who was sitting on the next table during one of Jon Stevens’ gigs at The New Capers in Melbourne. As it turned out it was Cecilia Noel who is the wife of former Men At Work frontman Colin Hay.


Cecilia is an artist in her own right. With The Wild Clams she produces music that is a celebration of life and just bursts happiness and love. Even though she sings in Spanish you just sense the songs are full of passion and optimism.
On Cecilia Noel and The Wild Clams’ Myspace page there are several videos of live performances which show how lively and energetic they are. There is even a live performance of the Men At Work classic Land Downunder with a Latino sound added to it, which Cecilia provides her wonderful backing vocals.

So to take time out from a perhaps hectic life, you can visit the Myspace of Cecilia Noel and The Wild Clam by hitting www.myspace.com/wildclam.